Ms. Fergesen conducted a quick Google search and perused an official European Union travel website, concluding that bringing a few pieces of fruit for personal consumption would be fine. Jennifer Fergesen, a 29-year-old food writer from New Jersey, was on a monthslong trip to various countries after finishing her master’s degree several years ago. On her way back from the Philippines, she had a layover for a couple of days in Austria.

For example, if you had an affair for three years during active addiction, visiting your ex to fess up and say you’re sorry isn’t going to help them; it’s going to hurt them. Are you taking the step to clear your conscience at the expense of another person? If so, then you should avoid approaching that individual. Yet, to be truly successful at forgiving and releasing past wrongs, you need to go directly to the individual you’ve hurt. When you go directly to the person, real spiritual transformation is more likely to occur.

What Happens If You Are Awarded the Scholarship?

I didn’t into consideration the fact that I have no transportation to get there, not on the bus line. I knew I had to either find a new place or quit a great job. I almost decided to just sleep at the factory and never leave. Problem was I started at the end of a pay period and would have to wait 3 weeks to get paid! After a week and a half of working and somehow managing all the requirements at my sober living I fell into depression because I could not make up my mind, I was terrified of being homeless again.

One of the greatest regrets some people endure is not apologizing to a loved one for past wrongs before they die. Tragic events happen every day, and in ways we least expect. Many individuals know that they need to apologize to someone they love but fail to do so out of pride or ego.

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