Direct Tipping Facilities

We can ensure full compliance with duty of care through our pre-qualified suppliers

Permitted Waste Sites

The Quote Centres Supplier Community can provide tipping facilities throughout the UK for a wide variety of waste types. Covering Inert construction waste through to hazardous waste, we can ensure you are not only getting the best price and service possible but also ensuring full compliance with duty of care through our prequalified suppliers. 

Sustainability is at the heart of waste management services, our supplier communities facilities span from recycling through to landfill and incineration, tipping of a one-off small quantity of waste through to regular high-volume tipping. The Quote Centre can find the most sustainable and cost-effective solution for you using a supplier Community that can provide it all

Waste Classification

When disposing commercial waste it must be classified by European Waste Catalogue (EWC) also referred to as List of Waste (LoW) or Waste Classification Code. 

Guidance on how to classify waste can be found in the Technical Guidance Document WM3: Waste Classification – Guidance on the classification and assessment of waste

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