Mortar and Screed

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Mortar is available in three main forms

Ready Mix

Readymix mortar can be delivered to site ‘trowel ready’ to be discharged into site containers, avoiding interruption to work programmes.

Ready-to-use mortar requires no further mixing and has excellent workability and consistency.

Dry Silo

Dry silo mortar provides an efficient solution, particularly for larger sites.

There is no need for mixing areas on site as all the material is contained in the silo. The guaranteed colour, consistency and controlled workability are just some of the reasons to consider dry silo mortar for you project.

Bulk Bag

Bulk bag dry mortar is the ideal solution for sites that do not have the space or volume requirements for a silo but still require the same flexibility, consistency and quality.

Usually supplied in waterproof bulk bags, dry bulk bagged mortar is ready mixed – just add water and mix to the required consistency.


Manufactured to strict quality controls, guaranteeing performance

Colour Selection

A large selection of colour options to match design requirements, offering consistency throughout your project


Improved productivity from site teams due to the ease and flexibility

Guaranteed Strength

Available in a range of strengths – Readymix and Dry Mortar ensure the performance of your project

Retardants Available

A range of retardant options available making for a fully flexible option

Specification Compliant

Fully compliant with specification

Ready mixed mortar is available ‘trowel ready’ ensuring consistency and quality. 

Many pigments are available for coloured mortar allowing you to take your project to the next level. 

Mortar is available as sand and cement or lime mortar and is usually retarded for 72 hours to allow for programme flexibility and to limit wastage.

It is available in 4 designation in accordance with BS5628

Mortar Designation             

Nominal Proportions by Volume
















Traditional Sand and
Cement Screed

Ready Mix Sand and Cement Screed is often referred to as ‘traditional screed’ since the introduction of flowable screeds. 

Sand and Cement Screed is available with retarding agents to typically provide a working time of 8 – 12 hours from mixing. Sand and Cement Screed is also typically supplied with reinforcing fibres to reduce cracking 

Sand and Cement screed is usually the cheapest screed option in terms of material cost and also has the advantage that it can be laid to create a surface that is flat but not level, ideal for wet rooms where a fall is required

Workable for 8 - 12 hours

Suitable for all types of final floor

Semi-dry consistency for ease of handling & laying

Can be laid to provide a fall

Liquid Screed


Calcium Sulphate Screed

Calcium Sulphate screed is sometime referred to as Gypsum Screed or Anhydrite Screed. Calcium sulphate screeds are less prone to shrinkage than cement based liquid screeds and therefore need less expansion joints.

They typically offer the cheapest cost of the flowable screeds however they do require laitance removal after curing which is a factor to consider.

Cementitious Liquid Screed

Cementitious flowable screeds offer many of the benefits of Calcium Sulphate Screeds however they require more expansion gaps than calcium sulphate screeds.

Cementitious flowable screeds are usually more expensive than calcium sulphate screeds however there is a shorter curing time and no need for laitance removal which closes the gap in cost due to labour savings