In the cybersecurity industry, a security token is a physical or digital device used as a form of user identification to provide access to a computer system or application that uses two-factor authentication. Sometimes security tokens take the form of radio frequency identification (RFID) smart cards that are used to access company buildings. Small and midsize businesses with physical office spaces or that operate in coworking environments often use security tokens to provide access to their coworking spaces.

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These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word ‘token.’ Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Blockchain is a record-keeping technology designed to make it impossible to hack the system or forge the data stored on it, thereby making it secure and immutable. Symptom suggests an outward indication of an internal change or condition. Mark suggests something impressed on or inherently characteristic of a thing often in contrast to general outward appearance. Sign applies to any indication to be perceived by the senses or the reason.

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Typically, these security tokens come in the form of an RFID smart card that can be scanned at the entrance, eliminating the need for a doorman to authorize worker IDs. In the computer networking industry, a token is a data frame that is transmitted between network points on a token ring network. Token ring networks prevent data packets from colliding on a network, and only allow token holders to send data to other computers. Token rings are not commonly used today, as most businesses opt to use Ethernet technology to provide a local area network for their computer devices.

There are five categories of tokens including constants, identifiers, operators, separators, and reserved words that can be used to write computer code. In the cryptocurrency industry, tokens represent a digital or physical asset on the blockchain. Characters are categorized as one of five classes of tokens that describe their functions (constants, identifiers, operators, reserved words, and separators) in accordance with the rules of the programming language. Sign, mark, token, note, symptom mean a discernible indication of what is not itself directly perceptible. Small companies that accept cryptocurrency as payment often possess a cryptocurrency wallet full of tokens that can be exchanged for fiat money such as U.S. dollars. Programmers at tech startups often use tokens to compose complex computer source code that serves as the foundation of desktops and mobile applications.

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In a token ring network, the presence of a token (which is simply a particular bit setting) in a continually circulating transmission stream allows a device to change the bit setting (thus taking the token) and put a message in its place. A security token is a physical device, pros and cons of token economy such as a special smart card, that together with something that a user knows, such as a PIN, will enable authorized access to a computer system or network. In the computer programming industry, a token can be described as the building block of a programming language.

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